Major poll to reveal what unites and divides the island on centenary of Irish partition  

Free Derry Corner

This weekend marks 100 years since Ireland was divided between north and south, a moment that has shaped much of our history.

But what do people on both sides of the border really think about this island and its future?

As the centenary approaches on May 3, a major new poll – conducted by Kantar - reveals the issues that unite us, and those that divide us.

Running across three days in the Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, and Belfast Telegraph, we ask whether a united Ireland could become a reality in our lifetime?

If so, how soon could it happen, and at what cost – peace, prosperity, or identity?

Researchers have posed these questions and more to 1,500 people in the Republic of Ireland and 750 in Northern Ireland.

Don’t miss ‘Ireland’s border: the centenary poll’, starting this Saturday.