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Saturday 7 December 2019

Mahon Tribunal’s key recommendation still not introduced one year later

Treacy Hogan

THE Government has still not implemented the key recommendation of the Mahon Tribunal, almost a year after it delivered its final damning report on corruption in the planning system.

The tribunal found corruption affected “every level of Irish political life” and called for the establisment of an independent planning regulator.

Planning minister Jan O’Sullivan told the Oireachtas Environment Committee today that a number of key issues had to be resolved before such a regulator could be established.

“Should the minister’s powers be fully transferred to an independent regulator or should the final forward planning decisions remain political in nature to be taken by the minister/ government/ Oireachtas with a regulator providing an indpendent advisory/supervisory role?”

Ms O’Sullivan also asked how they could ensure accountability by an independent regulator if power was fully transferred to that office.

But she added: “I am determined to see this recommendation is fully and comprehensively considered and appropriately acted on.

“It is important not only that we address this crucial issue but that we do it right.”

The minister said she would be bringing proposals to government following consultations with interested parties.

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