Saturday 17 March 2018

Magaluf pub owner refuses to apologise over video of Irish teen performing sex acts

Officials attempt to clamp down on drunken behaviour with emergency legislation

The Magaluf pub owner has refused to apologise
The Magaluf pub owner has refused to apologise

The owner of a pub in Magaluf, where an Irish girl performed a series of sex acts on video, says he is not responsible for the stunt.

Earlier this month, a video of an 18-year-old holidaymaker performing sex acts in the pub, went viral online.

The teenager performed oral sex on 29 men for a free cocktail.

The video shows the blonde girl being cheered on by a drunken crowd and the DJ while she goes from one man to another.

The DJ is heard in the background counting the number of men she performs the on while LMFAO’s song Sexy and I Know It plays.

Paul Smith, who runs the Carnage bar in Spain, said he has nothing to be sorry for, but said he 'feels sorry' for the woman in question.

"I've made mistakes and I'm here to rectify them and make sure this doesn't happen again, but why should I apologise," he told the Irish Daily Star.

"What have I done wrong? I've made mistakes but I wasn't the one who forced her to get on the floor. I'm not going to apologise to the family.

"I was disgusted by it and I feel sorry for the girl, but Carnage never forced her to do what she did."

Mr Smith said that he had not been fully aware of the situation as it happened, but rather learned of the length of it when he learned of the viral video.

Police have since launched an investigation regarding the activities.

Officials in the notorious Majorcan beach resort have also attempted to clamp down on drunken behaviour by imposing an emergency law limiting numbers on pub crawls.

The local mayor announced the new legislation yesterday.

Mayor of Calvia, a region including Magaluf, Manuel Onieva said the latest law was an expression of his ‘total rejection and anger at the activities which were carried out in a video which is currently on the social media circuit’, The Telegraph reports.

The legislation means that companies operating pub crawls will now need to apply for a license through the town hall.

Pub crawls will be limited to a maximum number of 50 people and leaders of the pub crawls will be required to wear a specific jacket so local police can monitor the approved crawls.

Party organisers will have to ‘prove their responsibility and show that they have the appropriate civil insurances in place’ to be granted a license, the mayor said.

Anyone breaching the new regulations will be faced with an unspecified fine.

The new legislation has become the latest effort to clean up Magaluf’s recent reputation of seedy bar crawls and lewd behaviour.

A number of upmarket bars and hotel have been introduced to the area recently as well as a brand new marina, Port Adriano, to encourage super yachts to visit.

In April, Palma City Officials declared that they will issue fines of up to €630 to holidaymakers who walk public street areas in nothing but beachwear. 

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