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Friday 27 April 2018

Madam of brothel sent €1m abroad in two years

Chinese prostitute lodged illegal earnings to bank in her homeland


The millions flowing out of the country through foreign prostitution rackets have been revealed in a garda investigation into a Chinese prostitute who transferred more than a million euro to China over the past two years.

The madam has been operating two brothels in Dublin, one in an apartment in a run-down building on Thomas Street and the other in the ground floor apartment of a house in Pleasant Street, which is off Camden Street.

Detectives from Dublin's A District called in the Criminal Assets Bureau after they discovered bank accounts showing that the woman had transferred €1m to a bank account in China. Officers also discovered that she had 12 bank accounts in this country holding around €230,000.

Despite gardai seizing her money -- or possibly because they had -- the woman was still operating from the Thomas Street apartment last week but the Pleasant Street apartment appeared to have ceased trading.

Detectives believe that four or five Chinese women worked for the 45-year-old, who arrived in this country on a student visa four years ago.

She ran the business from the backroom of the Thomas Street apartment and had a laptop computer linked to secret cameras in both apartments, which she used to monitor how much money the women were handed by clients, and for what services.

Clients were recorded but gardai have not found any suggestion of blackmail.

And detectives from Kevin Street garda station were shocked by the amount of money shown in the bank statements that they discovered belonged to the woman.

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Almost the entire sex industry in Ireland relies on mobile phone contact and internet advertising and involves foreign nationals, most of whom are transferring their money out of the country.

The busiest internet site, Escorts Ireland, advertises hundreds of phone contacts, at least 230 of which are in Dublin. And the majority of prostitution rings in Ireland involve foreign nationals.

Chinese prostitutes have proliferated in Dublin, with the women attracted to the capital by the large amounts of money involved in the illegal sex industry.

However, investigations by gardai suggest that if the young women working for the Chinese madam at the centre of the Dublin probe earned €100 from a client, €70 of this was paid to the madam for the provision of the apartment and advertising. The Thomas Street apartment has been operating for over two years.

The madam herself works from Thomas Street from 11am onwards but is joined by a second young woman later in the afternoon.

The level of earnings from this relatively modest operation suggests that one woman working with only four or five others can generate around €1m a year. Ireland has no criminal assets seizure arrangements with China so it is likely the money in this case has left the country for good.

Gardai suspect that at least some of the cash held in the accounts here might belong to the girls working for the madam.

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