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Mad for a man with road frontage? Irish girls' Facebook page gives tips on how to find the 'perfect farmer'


The Facebook page 'Farmers Daughters Blog' amassed 4,000 followers within their first three days

The Facebook page 'Farmers Daughters Blog' amassed 4,000 followers within their first three days

The Facebook page 'Farmers Daughters Blog' amassed 4,000 followers within their first three days

Three Irish girls have a complex mission at hand – to dispel myths about farmers and provide tips on how to find the ‘perfect’ Irish man with some road frontage.

Carol Lawless, Rachel Daly and Shannon-Kelly Smith set up their ‘Farmers Daughters Blog’ on Facebook and gained 4,000 followers in just three days. Now, the trio boast 4,883 fans who wait in anticipation for their ‘Farmer of the Day’ posts, humorous photos as well as general news from the farming community.

They want to show people that Irish farmers are not the ‘gummy, smelly culchies’ as they’re often portrayed.

Although Carol said she would never marry a farmer because they ‘work too hard’, Rachel is ‘only dying to catch one’.

“This is a page by three girls to help farmers daughters find their ideal farmer husbands with tips from experts. Are you a suitable bachelor? Get in contact,” the page reads.

The three girls, who are all college students, are from a farming background and said they could not believe the misconceptions about farming life when they first met their college classmates.

"I actually convinced a Dublin girl that there was no electricity in my house and we had to milk the cow every morning to have milk for breakfast cereal," Carol told the Irish Examiner.

The girls receive nominations every day for their ‘Farmer of the Day’ title, which comprises of a photo of a young Irish gentleman from a farming background with a few words on his likes and dislikes.

A recent nomination reads: “I can see one of our blonde farmers daughters in one of these pictures…

“[This man] is better known for being from the weaassst [sic].

“This beef and sheep farmer is the ultimate ladies’ man. Emigrated to the big smoke in Donnybrook to live with his boys and Donny where he learns his tricks and trades of being the ultimate bull and might also pick up a degree in Animal and Crop Production on the way.

“A true gent and ladies’ man. Craic will always follow this Mayo man .

“If any women are interested give it a like or tag a fine woman interested below to be in with a chance to grab this Bull.”

Another reads: “Meet today’s lovely Cavan farmer!

“Not only is he a owner of 50 acres and milks 35 cows but he also managed to land himself a spot studying dairy business in UCD.

“Cian enjoys casually dressing up as a hipster and playing with butterflies! Tara his best friend tells us how he loves to attend mass on a Saturday followed by a few pints down in the local.

“He is the son of a very well known Cavan man so you can be sure to get yourself in with a good quality bloodline.”

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