Sunday 21 January 2018

M50 motorists shamed with shocking footage of their bad behaviour

David Kearns

Shocking video footage shows alarming number of M50 drivers using mobile phones, completely unaware of what’s going on around them.

Bad behaviour on Irish roads is nothing new but one M50 motorist has gotten so fed up with it, he has decided to publicly shame his fellow drivers so they clean up their act.

“I’m not a Garda and I’m not out there trying to catch people,” said the user behind the popular M50 Gopro YouTube account.

“I’m just showing people how stupid they’re acting on the road.”

Started about six months ago, the channel is a series of videos uploaded by a driver who uses the M50 every day coming home.

Asking to remain anonymous, the man behind the channel told that he was driven to start recording his journeys using a GoPro camera attached to his dashboard because he was tired of seeing the same bad behaviour over and over again.

“When you see someone with kids in their car with not even one hand on the wheel, you can’t help but get annoyed.”

“The amount of crashes everyday on the M50 is unreal. Often you see at least three on one side. It’s stupid because most of them are caused by people who aren’t looking at what they’re doing," he said.

“I’m just recording what I see on my way home – so if you’re annoyed because you’ve been caught on camera doing something stupid, that’s on you.”

Adding: “It’s actually insane the number of people you see daily trying to drive while using their phone. Truck drivers are the worst – the amount is unreal. For professional drivers, they should know better.”

Dispelling any myths it is just young drivers that are reckless on the road, M50 Gopro said he had seen “all sections – men and women” put themselves, and other motorists, in danger.

“Everyone is as bad as each other. There’s no one group that’s worse than the other,” he said.

“What is really insane is seeing those people who whip out their mobiles to video you when they see the GoPro. It’s like, ‘Hello, what the f**k are you doing – look at the road!”

Asked if anyone had ever done more than just filmed him back, M50 Gopro said he had only been confronted once by an angry road user.

“I’ve had one guy go off on me when I caught him going in and out of traffic without indicating.”

“Started having a real go at me for getting himself caught on video being an idiot. Still, stick a camera in his face and he can’t complain because he’ll just end up hanging himself on film.”

Speaking about some of the worst clips he has captured, M50 Gopro told about an incident involving his local GAA minor team.

“I saw this a few months ago and it was one of the few times I’ve actually gone and reported someone. It was that bad.”

“I saw a bus with one of the local GAA clubs coming along and I noticed the driver using his phone for GPS.”

“He had his eyes off the road every two minutes to check where he was going – there were 30 to 40 kids on that bus put in danger just because someone didn’t want to invest in a proper GPS system.”

“Even last week, I saw one guy driving an ambulance of all things and he was texting away as if it was nothing.”

“There’s no excuse for people having phones out. For €30 anyone can get a decent hands-free-set – most decent cars nowadays come with it built in."

"Use it please because otherwise you’re endangering everyone else on the road, including yourself.”

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