Friday 19 January 2018

Lucky Loki: Tiny chihuahua survives fall from apartment window

Paul Healy and Jason Kennedy

A CHIHUAHUA had a lucky escape when it fell from a high window on to a busy street.

Witnesses were “shocked” to see the small canine fall from the height before hitting the ground on Dublin’s Talbot Street this morning.

The distressing incident occurred when Loki the dog fell from an apartment window above an old ‘99c Store’ beside the 'Euro Store and More' shop, at around 10:30am.

The dog was howling and lying on the street immediately after the fall - but made a full recovery on the way to the vet clinic in Clontarf.

Loki fell from an apartment window this morning.
Loki fell from an apartment window this morning.

Loki was playing with another chihuahua called Mogster, which seemed to accidentally knock him out of the window, according to his owner Alex Hickey.

"I could hear the screaming in the street and then I could see the other dog looking a bit guilty. I think she just tipped him out," he told

"I came down and everyone was looking. He was lying on his back completely frozen with his eyes staring up blank. I thought his back was broke, but there was nothing wrong with him at all."

Once he was in the taxi on the way to the vet, he already had perked up and was standing, sniffing and looking around.

"He's on painkillers now. He's made a full recovery," Mr Hickey (25) said.

"I'll keep the window closed when they're around from now on."

Michelle Kearns, who lives on Talbot Street, said that she heard the dog howling and came to its rescue.

“I was half way down the street and I heard it screaming, I thought somebody was ill treating it or something so I ran back," she said.

Passersby saw the dog lying on its back

“The next second a fellow came down, so I just gave him the number of my vet, he was a bit shocked,” she said.

Passers by said that they saw the dog laying on its back and  believed that it may have broken some bones.

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