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Monday 11 December 2017

Loyalist 'flag protest' group has Twitter account hacked

William Frazer
William Frazer

Eoghan McNeill

A Northern-Irish loyalist political party, formed to oppose Belfast City Council’s decision to stop flying the Union Jack over Belfast City Hall, has had their Twitter account hacked.

The account, which typically tweets about Orange Order marches, Unionist events, and pro-Israeli messages, began posting tweets such as:

"The Protestant Coalition would like to congratulate Celtic FC on their progression to the next round of the Champion League"

The users who had commandeered the account also tweeted pro-Palestinian messages and called bonfires – popular within the unionist community – “shite.”

The Protestant coalition regained control of the account on Friday evening, asking their followers how to change their user-icon from the green, white and gold Union Jack it had been changed to.

Yesterday however, the account was hacked again, a tweet praising a republican march in Belfast being posted:

The hackers still had control of the account this morning.

The Protestant Coalition was established in 2012, its founders including Jim Dowson – a former fundraiser for the far-right British National Party (BNP) – and loyalist activist Willie Frazer.

When visiting a Tyrone primary school in 2012, Frazer – mistaking an Italian flag for an Irish Tricolour – accused the school of being the “junior headquarters of Sinn Féin/IRA Youth.

This year, Frazer objected to a character in EastEnders wearing a St. Patrick’s College, Ballymena GAA jersey:

“I'm sure many of you watched EastEnders in horror last night when Nancy Carter, who works behind the bar in the Queen Victoria, was clad in the shirt of an organisation which glorified IRA terrorists, the GAA,” he said.

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