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'Love/Hate' actress backs campaign on sex trade abuse

Actress Susan Loughnane, who played a gangland moll in RTE's hit drama series, 'Love/Hate', is supporting a national campaign to raise awareness about prostitution.

She said last night she decided to back the campaign because she firmly believed that women in Ireland and around the world were being abused in the sex trade.

After its launch yesterday, she said: "We must challenge the belief that this is just about sex. It is not. It is about abuse and lack of choice for those prostituted."

The Dubliner, who was cast in the role of Debbie, the girlfriend of psychotic gang boss John Boy (Aidan Gillen) in the award-winning series, added: "We must do everything possible to protect and assist women who are trapped in the sex trade."

The multimedia campaign has been launched by Ruhama, which provides a frontline service to women affected by prostitution and sex trafficking, and includes a "stark and explicit" poster depicting women whose worth in prostitution is placed solely on the commercialisation of their bodies for sex.

Chief executive officer of Ruhama Sarah Benson said the poster contradicted the glamorous veneer and images used to advertise and normalise prostitution.

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