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Monday 12 November 2018

Love is in the airwaves as 'delighted' RTE star ties knot

RTE broadcaster Michael Murphy and Terry O'Sullivan with their guests at Dublin's Registry Office yesterday
RTE broadcaster Michael Murphy and Terry O'Sullivan with their guests at Dublin's Registry Office yesterday

Ken Sweeney Entertainment Editor

RTE newsreader Michael Murphy will be back on the airwaves tomorrow just days after marrying his long-term partner yesterday.

The 62-year-old and partner Terry O'Sullivan, who celebrated their civil partnership at a Dublin registry office, have decided to delay their "honeymoon" until at least August.

"I don't know if I would call it a honeymoon, rather a holiday for the two of us, and definitely not till August. I'm back to work in RTE on Thursday," the radio broadcaster told the Irish Independent.

The happy couple not only had the sun beaming down on them, but the beaming smiles of more than 60 friends and family wishing them well at the civil ceremony in Lower Grand Canal Street, Dublin.

"It was winter for the past fortnight and suddenly we have the sun shining down on us. We certainly got a wonderful day for it," said a jubilant Mr Murphy.

But this was more than an exchange of vows for the much-loved RTE voice and his partner Terry, a psychotherapist.

For the couple, it was official recognition from the State of the 26 years they have been living together.

Mr Murphy said that the lack of official recognition had particularly struck him during his battle with prostate cancer, which was diagnosed in 2007.

"Supposing I had died, Terry would not have received my share of our apartment, even though we have lived there together for the past 26 years," he said.

"Very unfair -- so now it is fair and equal, and we're delighted about that so a little bit of history is being made.


"The proclamation says that all people of this republic should be cherished equally and this is the first time the state has recognised that people have been living in civil partnerships so this certainly is a day of consequence for us.

"A little bit of history is being made."

The pair are the latest same-sex couple to enter into a civil partnership as a result of the Civil Partnership Act, which came into effect in January 2011 and which provides legal recognition for same-sex couples in Ireland.

Friends Tiernan and Barbra Quinn acted as witnesses at the ceremony, which was attended by lifelong friends, including many of Mr Murphy's colleagues from the RTE newsroom, among them Aengus Mac Grianna, who described Mr Murphy as "great mentor and a gentle lovely guy".

Another former RTE colleague, and now 'Sunday Independent' journalist, Emer O'Kelly described Mr Murphy and Mr O'Sullivan as a "fantastic couple".

"Let's say if there were a few more heterosexual marriages as good as theirs, we would all be doing well.

"They are very quiet, get on with their lives and are totally devoted to one another, as well as being incredibly kind and generous friends to everybody that knows them," said Ms O'Kelly.

After the ceremony, and as they made their way to a reception in the Herbert Park Hotel, Mr O'Sullivan described the day as the happiest day of his life, while Mr Murphy said he felt "tremendously affirmed" by what had taken place.

"It's a day of history, personal history. We decided to do this to make it easier for others to take the plunge.

"It's a new Ireland, a better and healthier Ireland. That is what I feel today," he said.

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