Tuesday 16 January 2018

'Loss of a gentleman' - Family remembers Irishman who died in tragic Australia accident

Last week the beloved brother of Nikki Cummins died in an accident in Australia. Here, she remembers him

Nikki Cummins

This was supposed to be Alan's year. He turned 30 in December, he got engaged before Christmas, and he was hoping to get citizenship in Australia; he had been there for four years. 2015 was definitely going to be his year.

Al was home for three weeks in June with his fiancee Anita. They adored each other and I was delighted to see he was so happy with her, I know my Mam and Dad felt the same. The whole family went to Kenmare together. We got great weather, we were trying to pretend the sunshine was the norm, to convince Anita to come to live here. Not that it would have taken much to convince her. She said she'd happily come and live here with Al.

Alan always spoke about coming home eventually, even though he had created a lovely life for himself in Australia. He and Anita had a house together in Fremantle and a dog called Alex.

He settled in there and made friends so easily because he was so easygoing. A trait that earned him the nickname 'Al The Pal' in our house. The seaside life suited him because he was such a free spirit at heart. People couldn't believe he was my little brother because, at six foot two, he towered over me.

His wedding was going to be a huge extravaganza on June 27 this year. Everyone was invited. My Mam had done an amazing job organising it all.

As the baby of our house no expense was spared. We had got together to finalise all the details a few weeks ago. Everyone was looking forward to him coming home with Anita and her family. Her parents wrote a lovely letter to my parents at Christmas saying they were delighted that Anita was marrying such a lovely Irish chap who was so affable and had become part of their family straight away.

Al got his citizenship two weeks ago. He texted my Mam at four in the morning to tell her the news he'd been waiting for. He was so excited, he wasted no time getting a job. He started last Monday, February 2, and the next day there was a tragic accident.

It is extremely hard to comprehend that someone so full of life and love can suddenly be taken away like this. He will be missed beyond belief.

Every call to Alan ended with his cheery: "Love you, Mam!" He had such a lovely easy way about him, he never worried about a thing.

What happened is beyond comprehension for us. As a family we are devastated by the loss of our beautiful Alan, so full of potential, with his whole life ahead of him. He was the youngest of four.

He was loved by everyone. He had an army of friends who were like a second family to him. Alan was loved wherever he went.

Alan is dearly missed by his family, mother Mary Cummins, father Patrick Cummins, fiancée Anita Ratten, brothers Timmy and Dary Cummins, myself his sister Nikki Cummins, sister-in-law Karen Ross, future brother-in-law Martin Black and nieces and nephews Sophie, Holly, Greg, and Sadie Cummins..

The family requests privacy at this time.

(No reproduction of image without permission)

Mr Alan Cummins died following an explosion in a shopping mall in Perth, Australia last week

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