Sunday 16 June 2019

Locals rally round after heartless thieves steal 92-year-old's pension

Manager Karen Fox and Graham Keogh from the local Spar shop are raising money. Picture: Damien Eagers
Manager Karen Fox and Graham Keogh from the local Spar shop are raising money. Picture: Damien Eagers
Ryan Nugent

Ryan Nugent

A local community has raised more than €500 for an elderly woman who had her Christmas pension stolen from her coat by heartless thieves.

Residents in Dublin’s north inner city have held a whip-round in the woman’s local Spar, with a collection box placed at the till raising around €350.

On top of that, two local businessmen have also given the pensioner €200.


The woman, who is 92, was approached by two men shortly after she collected her double-week payment from the post office on Monday.

They offered to repair roof slates at her house.

However, while they were in the house discussing payment with the woman, she realised her pension money had been swiped from her coat in the hallway before she had even thought to take it out.

She said it may have been sticking out of her pocket.

“I said I have some money here and said hang on, I’ve got money in my coat in the hall,” she said.

“But the other fella must have seen it when they were  coming in, because like that, they were gone.”

She said the incident had left her feeling nervous.

“I want to know who’s there and what they’re doing, I don’t want any strangers knocking on my door,” she said.

The woman said the men seemed normal and legitimate. She spoke of not knowing what to do after having so much money taken.

“I feel like it’s not me they’re talking about, it didn’t happen to me,” she said, adding that she was shocked that she had been targeted.

Asked about the money raised so far for her, the woman was at pains to insist she was not asking for it.

“I do appreciate it, but they’re going a little too far because their money wasn’t taken so why should I take theirs?” she said.

Karen Fox, the manager at the Spar shop in Summerhill, said locals were disgusted at what had happened and everyone is rallying behind the woman.

“Everyone knows her, everyone likes her and we all just wanted to help her,” she said.

“She’s a lovely woman and is so old, and there’s just a line that you don’t cross.


“It’s shocking. A few people were saying we should do a collection so we got a box going and it’s doing really well.

“Around here people wouldn’t have money, but they’re all digging deep for her.”

Lord Mayor of Dublin Nial Ring said he has known the woman all his life and called on the whole community to make a donation.

“The local community in Summerhill and Ballybough are disgusted that such a thing could happen in our area and I know from talking to the local gardai that the two assailants – I would like to use other words to describe them – will be caught,” Mr Ring said.


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