Sunday 19 January 2020

Local residents in South Dublin 'terrified in their own homes' after series of break-ins and car thefts

Residents in Killiney and Shankill are 'terrified in their own homes'
Residents in Killiney and Shankill are 'terrified in their own homes'
Gardaí near the Bayview Estate in Killiney. Photo: Mark Condren
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

Local residents in South Dublin are "terrified in their own homes" after a series of burglaries in the Killiney and Shankill area.

A terrified neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, told that she's "petrified" after the recent break-ins.

"I'm petrified. My husband died three years ago and I'm living alone. At 6pm I lock all my doors and I stay upstairs for the evening. I have a big front window upstairs where I can see my front door and I keep an eye out.

"I can't afford an alarm so I put chairs up against the door."

The neighbour said that while her house has never been robbed, she has seen "suspicious men" hanging around her front door and trying to speak to her.

"I was standing on my front porch one day talking to my neighbour two doors down and when she went back into the house her handbag was gone. Someone had come in through the back door. It was that quick.

"People are definitely living in fear. Every night there seems to be a burglary."

Local Fianna Fáil activist Vinny Duran-Kearns said that there has been an increase in burglaries in recent months.

"In the past two months I've heard of seven break-ins, three attempted break-ins and four car thefts. That's a lot for such a small area of Killiney and Shankill."

Mr Duran-Kearns said that the suspects seem to know the area well and come into homes even when they know people are there.

"They're very brazen. They robbed an elderly woman's home when she was in hospital and they robbed an elderly couple while they were sitting in their home.

"They also robbed a young mother who was up late feeding her baby. Three men used a crowbar to get into her home and when she chased them away they just hopped into a car and drove off."

The Fianna Fail activist said that businesses in the area are also being targeted.

"Last week a local business was broken into and two bouncy castles were stolen. it's never ending."

Mr Duran-Kearns said he thinks the increased crime is linked to garda station closures in the area.

"There simply isn't enough gardai present in the area. I'd advise people in the community to look after one another and report anything suspicious to gardai."

Gardai said that it is important to lock up and light up to protect your home.

They advised people to:

  • Put the alarm on
  • Lock all doors and windows
  • Leave a light on when leaving your home empty

Gardai say it's also a good idea to set timer switches to turn lamps and radios on and off.

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