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Local foils pipebomb attack on homes of crime clan

A BUNGLING criminal on his way to pipebomb homes belonging to four gangster brothers failed after he asked the wrong man for directions.

The would-be bomber aroused suspicions in the man, who knocked him to the ground.

The drama unfolded in Limerick when a young man -- armed with at least two pipebombs -- was en route to the homes of Wayne, John, Dessie and Ger Dundon.

The Irish Independent has learned that the assailant -- who is not from Limerick -- arrived in the Hyde Road area of the city on Monday with at least two pipe bombs.

Unsure of where the homes of the Dundons are -- four of the five brothers are currently behind bars -- he began making enquiries among locals about the exact location of the properties.

Unfortunately for him and luckily for the Dundon family and their extended relations, he asked the wrong local, who struck him, knocking him to the ground.

After falling, two pipebombs fell from his pockets.

The would-be bomber gathered himself together, retrieved the pipebombs and made his escape from the area in a waiting car.

Gardai in the city are aware of what happened, but the identity of the man has not yet been established.

Wayne Dundon's home was set alight deliberately last year.

The Ballinacurra-Weston neighbourhood on the southside of Limerick has been the base for the McCarthy-Dundon gang since 2000 after the Dundon brothers returned to their parents' native city to form a formidable criminal alliance with their cousins -- the McCarthys.

However, the gang have been dealt several crippling blows by gardai in recent years as former allies turn against them.

In April, Wayne (34) and John Dundon (29) were sentenced to a total of 11 and a half years' imprisonment for threatening to kill their youngest brother's ex-girlfriend, April Collins, and her two brothers.

Ger Dundon (24) -- former partner of April -- was jailed last year for five years as part of an extortion campaign against a nightclub promoter.

Dessie Dundon (30) is serving a life sentence for the murder of crime boss Kieran Keane in 2003.

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