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Lizardman leaves us tongue-tied





The Lizardman was amongst his own yesterday as he helped launch the Laya Healthcare Street Performance World Championship 2012 in Dublin.

The international performer dropped in to The Reptile Haven store in Temple Bar to say 'hello' to Eddie the Panther Chameleon.

Eddie, however, seemed less then impressed with Lizardman's efforts to transform himself. These include more than 700 hours -- and some $250,000 -- spent getting tattooed, having his tongue split to resemble a reptile's, implants above his eyes to form horned ridges, and four of his teeth have been filed into sharp fangs.

The Laya Healthcare Street Performance World Championship takes place at Fitzgerald Park in Cork on July 14-15, and in Merrion Square, Dublin, on July 19-22.

Photo: Leon Farrell/Photocall

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