Thursday 19 September 2019

Liveline's Fiver Friday: D&G outfits, carpets and haircuts among the specials offered by businesses nationwide

Broadcaster Joe Duffy famously is bringing back 'Fiver Friday'
Broadcaster Joe Duffy famously is bringing back 'Fiver Friday' Newsdesk Newsdesk

If you plan on taking full advantage of Liveline's Fiver Friday, you might want to take a visit to Clones.

The Monaghan town has some 17 businesses taking part in Joe Duffy's event this Friday, with breakfast, dinner, haircuts and sport socks selling for  €5 each.

In Dublin, one children's clothing boutique is offering three Dolce & Gabanna outfits for €5 each, while Bargaintown in Dublin's city centre is offering carpets for a fiver.

A spokesperson for the show said the response to this year's event has been phenomenal.

"Previously, we had a two month lead-in. This time, it is only ten days but the response has been fantastic with interest from all over the country."

To meet demand and spread the word, Liveline producers are placing 'Fiver Friday' offers on their website, broken down county-by-county.

Broadcaster Joe Duffy famously set up 'Fiver Friday' during the height of the recession. It gave a much needed boost to small local businesses around the country, as well as giving them a mention on his programme, the second most listened to programme in the country.

He decided to unleash 'Fiver Friday' again this after hearing small business owners describe the impact the 'Beast From The East' and 'Storm Emma' had on their businesses, with many closing for the guts of a week.

Businessman Colm Kavanagh runs a small shop in Arklow. He contacted Liveline and suggested to Joe that 'Fiver Friday' may make a return to help small businesses in the aftermath of the heavy snow.

"He [Colm] had stayed open through thick and thin, hail, rain and shine, and the monster snow.

"But as Colm Kavanagh told us, on one of the days, Sunday, even though he opened at half five in the morning as per usual, it was four o'clock in the afternoon before he saw his first customer," Joe told RTE's 'Today With Maura and Daithi' programme.

Colm suggested to Joe that "on the eve of St Patrick's Day, why don't we have a bit of celebration, encourage people to go out there again and shop local, and encourage local retailers to give a bit of razzmatazz, a few special offers on the table. And it's taken off like wildfire."

Joe explained that the event was the idea of small business owners and how it is primarily a community effort, supported by RTE's Liveline programme.

While the snow was hugely negative for small businesses around the country, it did bring out the best in Irish people in other ways, the broadcaster said.

"But people did come together and realise that embracing each other and linking arms in every sense of the word, made a big difference.

For many people, especoally children, that is a very memorable week. For others, it was a big challenge and they are still recovering so you're trying to give them the small hand that we can."

More information can be found on the Liveline website.

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