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Little girls left without a mother -- or any explanation

TWO children are left without a mother but nobody will ever face a murder charge.

Rebecca French was only 5ft tall and her girls were the centre of her world.

Pictures from her 30th birthday show a beautiful young woman with a perfect smile surrounded by her friends and family.

They portray a happy mother who dotes on her daughters as they stand by to blow out the candles on her birthday cake.

Today, the family has to hide newspapers from Rebecca's innocent children to shield them from the dreadful truth.

The sun was shining on the Friday that Rebecca's body was bundled into the back of her car -- just nine months after those smiling photographs were taken.


Her arms and legs were bent up in front of her by callous killers who dumped her in the boot of her car -- the same car she used to ferry her children to school.

Her wrists had been bound with a plastic cable tie that had melted off in the heat. A blue plastic bag was tied around her head, probably to catch the blood.

The 30-year-old should have been worrying about what she was going to wear out on Saturday night -- or wondering where she'd take her children on Sunday. Nobody could have foreseen how the bubbly woman's life would end so brutally.

A passing motorist was the first to see the plumes of smoke from Rebecca's car. Gardai thought it was anti-social behaviour. It wasn't until they looked in the boot that they uncovered the charred body.

At the same time, Rebecca's mother, Nancy, and her brothers and sisters were desperately trying to reach her. They feared the worst -- she was always at the end of her phone.

For now, all Rebecca's family are left with are their pictures and memories of a beautiful daughter and sister. Her daughters are left with little more.

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