Sunday 18 August 2019

'Little fighter' - Gardaí’s latest recruit Noah (2) receives special treatment from Limerick gardaí as well as his own uniform, badge and scooter

'Little fighter' Noah with Garda Elaine Cusack
Photo: An Garda Siochana
'Little fighter' Noah with Garda Elaine Cusack Photo: An Garda Siochana
Noah with Garda Elaine Cusack

Gabija Gataveckaite

Seriously ill Noah Quish received the ultimate Garda treatment yesterday - the force’s youngest recruit received his very own Garda uniform, badge and even a special Garda scooter.

Little Noah was named the latest Garda recruit in May and yesterday received his gear, ahead of his graduation in October.

Limerick gardai paid a visit to his home in Limerick on behalf of the Little Blue Heroes Foundation, a charity of Garda volunteers which works with seriously-ill children.

Noah was born with a hole in his heart and has since been diagnosed with scoliosis. When a photograph of him wearing a garda uniform was first posted online several months ago, it went viral and attracted attention nationwide.


“He’s gone through so much,” Noah’s mother Una Quish told

“He’s in love with the guards, they’ve always been so good to him and you can see it by the pictures.”

Noah met the Limerick Gardaí at an event for disabled children several months back and the relationship has blossomed between the toddler and the force since then.

Noah with Garda Elaine Cusack
Noah with Garda Elaine Cusack

A photo of Noah was then posted online and it went viral and to date, has amassed over 3,000 likes.

Since then, the gardaí have paid several special visits to his home in Monaleen, Co Limerick. He was then sent on a three day holiday to the Aran Islands thanks to the Little Blue Heroes Foundation.

“We’re very lucky and I don’t think we realise how good the Blue Little Heroes actually are,” said Una.

“He’s a little fighter and always has a smile on his face. He’s a very happy child and very sociable,” she added.

However, Noah’s fascination with the gardai remains unclear.

“I think he just loves the garda car and the nee-naw,” his mother laughed.

“He was in great form yesterday on the toy garda motorbike, he loves the whole idea,” she said.

Sadly, Noah’s days on the toy motorbike may be limited as he is set to get a full body cast put on in the coming weeks to help with his scoliosis.

“He probably will be able to go on the bike but it’ll make it very awkward for him, he’ll be very restricted,” Una said.

“The cast will just hold his spine in place and be on him for the forseeable future.”

Little Noah, who had open heart surgery at only four months old, also currently has a feeding tube but will undergo a major surgery in the coming weeks which will pump food into his stomach.

“He’s still getting diagnoses now, his brain is too big for his head which puts a lot of pressure on the spinal cord,” she added.

“He has a very severe case of an atrial septal defect.”

“But we’re very grateful and we’ve been very lucky with the guards and HSE too, we haven’t had very long waiting lists as he’s so young and the case is so severe,” she added.

Noah will graduate from the Gardaí headquarters in October.

A donation to his long term medical fund can be made

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