Sunday 21 January 2018

Little boy was found with mum's dead body

THE report details the case of one little boy who suffered severe neglect as a child and a toddler. He was discovered with his mother's body after she died of a drug overdose.

Another time, he was found trying to eat fish fingers from the freezer.

After his mother's death, his aunt and uncle cared for him successfully for nine years but things broke down when his father was released from a long-term prison sentence.

By 13, his behaviour had deteriorated to the point where he had assaulted both staff and students at his school. He was taken into voluntary care before being moved to a secure special care unit. It was there that he was finally diagnosed with a severe form of ADHD and prescribed medication.

He regularly absconded and was charged with a number of offences. It also appears that he was involved in gambling with a staff member in the unit.

After leaving the unit, he lived on and off with his dad, but the situation would periodically break down. He was becoming more involved with both crime and drug taking.

He had one social worker who "appeared to have built an extremely good relationship with him and worked very hard to try and help him".

But he died, aged 16, in "tragic circumstances " in 2009. The report did not provide any further details of how he died. A critical incident report by the HSE found that social workers and residential care staff worked very hard to help this boy and his family supported that work.

However, "his ADHD was not diagnosed and this, coupled with the tragedy he suffered in his early life," resulted in him having "a very difficult life".

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