Tuesday 12 November 2019

Little battlers have fun on the double

THEY face a daily battle to walk like their little friends do.

Former conjoined twins Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf spend up to four hours, split in two each day, on prosthetic limbs walking with the aid of barriers in their home and at the Enable Ireland disability centre in Cork.

One of them, Hassan, had spinal surgery four months ago, but he courageously continues to do his daily exercises on his prosthetic.

Although nobody can yet say when they will walk unaided, the 32-month-old pair happily demonstrated another travelling skill at the national festival of twins at Keash, Co Sligo.

They whizzed about on their own ride-along cars which Santa delivered last Christmas. Their mother Angie talked at the festival on Saturday about the boys' brave battle to walk.

The boys were born in December 2009, and they were separated four months later following a 14-hour operation.

They travelled from their Cork home to the TwinFest where their little single legs propelled their ride-along cars at an amazing speed.

"They got the prosthetics last October and they put them on twice a day for about two hours each time. They are progressing well, but it's going to be a very long process," said Angie.

Angie refuses to term them 'disabled' and became quite upset when they were recently assessed for wheelchairs -- which they will have to use from time to time.

A total of 178 sets of twins were at the festival, as well as three triplet families and one set of quads.

The TwinFest this year supported the Act for Meningitis charity.

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