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Tuesday 22 January 2019

Little Abigail (3) who died after crash 'was on the way to crèche'

Father still in hospital as locals blame icy roads

The accident occurred on a stretch of the road from Brannockstown to Kilcullen. Photo: Kyran O’Brien
The accident occurred on a stretch of the road from Brannockstown to Kilcullen. Photo: Kyran O’Brien
Conor Feehan

Conor Feehan

A three-year-old girl who died following a head-on crash in Co Kildare last Thursday was being driven to her crèche when the accident occurred.

She has been named locally as Abigail Conlon, from Boleybeg, near Brannockstown, Co Kildare.

Abigail and her father Colm were not far from the crèche when the accident occurred on the road from Brannockstown to Kilcullen.

Locals were able to keep little Abigail alive until emergency services arrived and took over her care on the roadside while Colm was being cut from the wreckage of their car.

She was rushed to Naas hospital and later transferred to Temple Street Children's Hospital in Dublin, but lost her battle for life on Sunday.

Abigail was the only child of Colm and his wife Amy, and locals have said how they are heartbroken for the family. "I heard the bang and someone told me there had been a crash, so I went up to see if I could help. The man in the front of the car was in a lot of pain but conscious. I didn't see the little girl in the back of the car until I looked a second time and could see her slumped forward in her child seat," said local man Dan Byrne.

"We didn't want to move them but we were talking to the paramedics by phone and they said we should take the girl out and they directed us from there until they reached the scene," he added.

"She had a very faint pulse. It was an awful thing to witness," Mr Byrne said.

"Their car was travelling towards Kilcullen, and the jeep it crashed with was going towards Brannockstown."

The crash occurred on a winding stretch of narrow road with hills and dips in it, and locals were critical of the condition of it. Although the cause of the accident is not yet known and is still being investigated, locals said there has been several bad crashes on it and it was "like a skating rink" on the morning of the crash.

"It was resurfaced when the queen was coming over because she was visiting a local stud farm," said one woman. "Ever since then, if it is frosty the road gets very slippy."

Mr Conlon was still being treated for his injuries in Tallaght Hospital yesterday.

In a separate incident last night a man died following a road traffic collision in Cork on the M8 southbound.

The incident happened at around 10pm and gardai were last night in the process of informing the man's relatives of the tragedy.

Diversions are in place at junction 12, Mitchelstown North, and are expected to remain until midday today.

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