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List of unexplained lodgements to accounts linked to Ahern

THE Mahon Tribunal's marathon trawl of finances uncovered more than a quarter of a million in unexplained lodgements into accounts linked to the former Taoiseach.

Judge Alan Mahon did not accept Bertie Ahern`s explanation for the source of any of these monies which came in old Irish punts, sterling and US dollars.

Here is a breakdown of each lodgement including dates, banks and original sums:

- IR£22,500, December 30, 1993 - cash into Bertie Ahern`s Allied Irish Banks Special Savings Account.

- IR£30,000, April 25, 1994 - cash into AIB.

- IR£20,000, August 8, 1994 - cash into AIB.

- UK£25,000, October 11, 1994 - cash into AIB. Mr Ahern claimed it came from IR£16,500 in a whip-round from friends and UK£8,000 from a Manchester business dinner, equalling IR£24,838.49.

- $45,000, December 5, 1994 - lodged into former girlfriend Celia Larkin`s AIB account. The precise lodgement was IR£28,772.90 which Mr Ahern said was UK£30,000.

- Stg£10,000 and IR£2,000, June 15, 1995 - paid into Ms Larkin`s AIB account. The precise lodgement was IR£9,743.74 plus the IR£2,000.

- Stg£20,000, December 1, 1995 - paid into Mr Ahern`s AIB account. It converted to IR£19,142.92.

- Stg£15,500, over seven months in 1994 - paid into Mr Ahern`s Irish Permanent Building Society account and an account in the same bank in his daughter Cecelia and Georgina`s name.

- IR£20,000, October 26, 1994 - cashed to the B/T account in Irish Permanent. Originally in sterling.

- IR£20,000, August 25, 1992 - a cheque lodged in the B/T account.

- IR£10,000, July 18, 1995 - cashed to the B/T account.

- IR£54,000 which Mr Ahern claimed he amassed between 1987 and 1993 by saving cash.