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Saturday 20 January 2018

Lisa Murphy’s boob job regrets as Gerald Kean warns women

'I'm seeing girls destroyed by lip, face and breast procedures'

HAPPY COUPLE: Socialite Lisa Murphy regrets breast
enlargement for former lover, with fiance Gerald Kean
HAPPY COUPLE: Socialite Lisa Murphy regrets breast enlargement for former lover, with fiance Gerald Kean


Socialite turned reality star Lisa Murphy has described how she underwent breast enhancement surgery just to please a former lover but now deeply regrets that she ever went under the knife.

As Ms Murphy admitted she rued the day she got her breasts enlarged, her fiance Gerald Kean warned women of the dangers of cosmetic surgery.

The solicitor described how he is seeing an increasing number of young women, some in their early 20s, seeking legal redress over botched lip, face and breast procedures.

And he believes a number of young women are put under pressure by their peers to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Mr Kean said: "I'm completely against cosmetic surgery. I am looking after 30 ongoing negligent cases, maybe even more. And I've about 60 cases which have already been settled.

"I'm seeing young girls on a weekly basis who have destroyed themselves getting work done to their faces, lips, breasts and stomach.

"I'm seeing this more than ever now and I suppose there is so much pressure in a certain section of society for women to get this work done.

"There are more models now with work done, too. There is that pressure there to live up to a certain image.

"The girls who are coming to me for legal advice after their surgery went wrong are as young as 23 or 24 years of age," he continued.

Ms Murphy admitted she had opted for the breast implants in her 20s but denied getting any other work done. It is understood that her previous boyfriend boxer Joe Egan has claimed that he paid for the surgery

Mr Kean, who is one of Ireland's best-known lawyers, said: "I am totally against it. Lisa was much younger at the time she had her breast implants. She certainly didn't do it for me.

"I didn't even know she existed back then. I am totally against cosmetic surgery and against women getting it.

"But if Lisa came and said she wanted something done, she is over 18 years, she would have to make that decision herself. I wouldn't try and dissuade her from it. It would be her own choice."

Separately Ms Murphy also spoke of her dismay at how her former fiance, Lord of the Dance star Michael Flatley, spoke about the breakdown of their relationship.

"I think if you have nothing good to say about anybody, say nothing at all. I suppose he was hurt, obviously. And people, when they are angry, they say things.

"Of course it hurt me but I just rose above it. I didn't get involved with throwing back and forth or anything like that.

"I haven't spoken to him but I know through people that he really regretted that. I wasn't happy with a few things and I decided it wasn't for me. There's always someone who is going to be hurt."

Gerald later added: "I was disappointed in him. I'd ignore him if I ever saw him now. I don't think anyone should ever go public talking about a relationship and the break-up of it.

"It's hurtful for all people involved ."

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