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Link to councillor criticised by Mahon adds further pressure

HEALTH Minister Dr James Reilly last night came under fire for his association with a former Fine Gael councillor criticised in the Mahon Tribunal report.

One of Mr Reilly's business partners listed in 'Stubbs Gazette' is Cllr Anne Devitt.

Ms Devitt, with an address at Lispopple, Swords, Co Dublin, was also listed yesterday in 'Stubbs Gazette' arising from a €1.9m nursing home debt.

Dr Reilly served with Ms Devitt on the Northern Area Health Board back in 2000, when the original nursing home deal was struck.

Ms Devitt owns a planning and mediation consultancy in Rolestown in Swords -- called Emania Consultancy -- which was registered in 2008.

The councillor resigned from Fine Gael after payments she accepted in relation to rezoning decisions were found to be "entirely inappropriate" by the planning tribunal.

This was in relation to her accepting a IR£20,000 payment from Rayband Ltd.

Ms Devitt declined to comment when contacted by the Irish Independent yesterday.

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams said it should concern the Taoiseach that one of the Minister's business partners is Ms Devitt "who was found by the Mahon Tribunal to have behaved inappropriately in respect of planning matters".

Aside from the €1.9m settlement, the nursing home was also the subject of a case in Kilkenny Circuit Civil Court over a tenancy agreement at the nursing home.

Dr Reilly was one of several names listed in the civil proceedings involving fellow investors and the nursing home operators, Dr Dilip Jondhale and Vasudha Jondhale. Dr Jondhale is also one of the four investors with Dr Reilly who now owes the €1.9m debt.

The court heard arguments as they tried to agree on terms of the tenancy agreement to continue to operate the home.

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