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Saturday 20 January 2018

Limerick Priest tells Parish he'll be back after petition to stop move reaches 1,000 signatures

Fr Chris O'Donnell
Fr Chris O'Donnell

Ryan O'Rourke

Fr. Chris O’Donnell has spoken of his appreciation of his parish after a social media campaign was started to keep the priest in Limerick.

“I appreciate the passion and affection that they’ve shown”

“The social media is successful whether or not it works, because it has brought people together.”

The Priest, who is due to move to Dublin shortly to work on a book aimed to help young people, spoke to to reassure the members of the community that the move is not permanent.

Fr O’Donnell spoke highly of the young members of his community, who started the petition which now has over 1000 signatures.

“It’s youngsters being as good as they are.”

“They are naturally responding to the program that connects them to their community, to their church and their faith”

“I have a great affection for them, and it’s been a privilege to work with them, and it will be to work with them again.”

“I’ll be back within a year, but they probably felt as if I will be gone for ever.”

Anois, the program that Fr. O’Donnell runs have become a huge part of many young people lives in Limerick. The Limerick priest spoke about what the church offers to its community.

“The world is a difficult place and what we are doing is building them up so they are ready for it.”

“This is where they’ve made some of their best friends, and where they have learned that there is more to life than just themselves.”

Fr O’Donnell took a moment to thank the young members of his community, but urged them to not be to upset if the move still happens.

“If they don’t hear back from the Pope, I hope they aren’t too disappointed. “

“But it would be great if the Pope did tweet them back, I think they’d really enjoy that”

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