Wednesday 21 March 2018

Lillis wrote about anguish of doomed love in 'short story'

Nicola Anderson

Nicola Anderson

"SHE will get that wedding dress.

"She will marry Keith next June.

"She will send out the invites in January.

"You will never be with her properly.

"The only way you can be with her is to live here.

"Think of the positive in the relationship.

"You will never take her to France.

She will never share your bed.

"You are running out of time!!!"

In her businesslike, barrister tones, Mary Ellen Ring, for the prosecution, read aloud the note that had been found on a bedside locker in the house shared by Eamonn Lillis and his wife, Celine Cawley.

Impeccably written in neat print with a black pen, the note read like the love-struck musings of a teenage boy amid all the anguish and heartbreak of his first crush.


Mr Lillis busily took notes and barely lifted his head from his industries as Detective Sergeant Fionnuala Holohan went through the evidence of finding the note, and of her interview with the accused.

Mr Lillis had explained it away as being the beginnings of a short story -- he used to be a copywriter, he had said.

The gardai had also probably found a chapter he'd written about a dog, he had added, chattily.

The note at hand was about a doomed love affair -- and he'd written it four or five weeks ago, he had explained.

"Based on yours?" gardai had asked.

"Well, yes, based on experience," Mr Lillis had eventually admitted.

If his relationship with Ms Cawley had been so good, why then had he gone after a younger woman, gardai had wondered.

They were referring to the affair Mr Lillis has admitted having with 31-year-old beauty therapist, Jean Treacy.

"I don't know. Call it a mid-life crisis," Mr Lillis had mused.

At the back of the court, Ms Cawley's family winced in fresh pain.

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