Friday 27 April 2018

Lillis gone in 90 seconds after garda sign-on

Jason O'Brien

Jason O'Brien

HE showed little emotion throughout the three-week murder trial, and convicted wife-killer Eamonn Lillis showed none yesterday as he arrived at his local garda station to comply with his bail conditions.

With just four days left to sort out his affairs, the stony-faced TV advertising director was up and about early yesterday on a crisp Sunday morning.

The 52-year-old's early appearance surprised awaiting photographers when he arrived at Howth garda station at 9.08am.

Lillis has to sign on each morning at his local station between 9am and midday as part of his bail conditions.

Yesterday, he drove his black 07 Mercedes jeep up Dunbo Hill, and parked across the street from the pedestrian entrance to the garda station.


Wearing jeans, a three-quarter length black jacket with the collar up, boots and black gloves, he ignored the clambering photographers and passed under the arch of the narrow entrance. He quickly climbed the steps and went inside.

Those who followed him through the pedestrian entrance but waited outside the door of the station were asked to leave by a garda.

Lillis was inside the station for only 90 seconds.

When he emerged, hands in pockets, he scowled slightly at the photographers gathered outside the pedestrian entrance but said nothing. The gloves were off, and there was no sign of the dark sunglasses he wore during Saturday morning's signing on.

But the businessman remained cool and collected. He brushed past photographers again on the way to his jeep. The Mercedes, of course, is the same one in which he and his mistress, Jean Treacy, had sex in a car park in Swords.

Lillis is due back before the Central Criminal Court on Thursday for sentencing. In the interim, he is expected to put in place care arrangements for his 17-year-old daughter, and to also get his personal business affairs in order.

This will include arranging the care of the family's three dogs, and the care of his daughter's horse. Father and daughter regularly spent Saturdays at a Co Meath stables during the murder trial.

More significant personal matters will include his finances, and the future of the three homes he owned with Celine Cawley.

It is estimated the couple were worth in the region of €4m when property and cash is taken into account, and Lillis is entitled to half, despite killing his wife.

Legal sources suggest he may have been entitled to less if the couple had divorced as Ms Cawley was the bigger earner by a significant margin.

Lillis was required to return to the garda station between 6pm and 9pm last night to sign-on again.

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