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Saturday 16 December 2017

Life has no 'use by' date, says bishop Eamon Martin

Archbishop Eamon Martin
Archbishop Eamon Martin

Sarah MacDonald

The Catholic primate has warned the Government that his church will continue to campaign for "a society without abortion".

Speaking in St Patrick's Cathedral in Armagh on the catholic church's Day for Life, Archbishop Eamon Martin described the last year's abortion legislation as "unnecessary" and "medically flawed".

Referring to last month's publication of guidelines on the legislation, he said these confirmed that abortion was now prescribed as an answer to a mother's suicidal feelings, "despite all the medical evidence to the contrary".

He said a mother in crisis needed every possible support and the very best of care, as did her unborn child, and not abortion.

"The church will continue to call for a society without abortion which loves and cares for all life equally and does everything possible to protect the life of both the mother and her unborn child - even in the most delicate and traumatic of circumstances," he said.

The new head of the Catholic church warned people to beware of "the misguided mercy of euthanasia" whereby a right to die could easily give way to "a duty to die." Referring to a letter sent by Pope Francis for the Day for Life, in which the Pontiff criticised society's throwaway culture, the Archbishop saidhuman life is treated like a commodity, which is dispensable, as if it had a 'use by' date.

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