Wednesday 25 April 2018

Lidl launches organic 'hangover free' prosecco

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Prosecco lovers everywhere can rejoice as Lidl has launched a new organic prosecco that is "hangover free".

Lidl claims their organic drink will banish that morning after feeling as it has less sulphites, which lead to hangovers.

The ‘Organic Prosecco Spumante’
The ‘Organic Prosecco Spumante’

The ‘Organic Prosecco Spumante’ is all set to hit shelves in the UK this Thursday and is priced at a very reasonable £7.99.

The miracle bottles will no doubt cause a fiasco in stores as prosecco lovers try to get their hands on a bottle.

According to Lidl’s master of wine, Richard Bampfield, the bubbly has bright aromas of 'pear and white peach'.

"We’ve all had that shocking wine hangover. This is sometimes attributed to the sulphite preservatives used in wine to keep them fresher for longer.

"Generally, organic wine producers use a lower level of sulphites in the production process, which means they are less likely to contribute to hangovers.

"So if you don’t react well to sulphites you could be saying good riddance to hangovers with Lidl’s Organic Prosecco Spumante."

Unfortunately, Lidl Ireland confirmed that the prosecco will not visit Irish stores for the festive season.

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