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Liberty denies 'sent home' staff were sacked

LIBERTY Insurance has denied claims that Dublin staff who were sent home by the company have been summarily dismissed from their posts.

Earlier this week the company – which was formerly owned and run by the Quinn family – confirmed plans to let go 285 staff in Dublin, two years after 900 staff were laid off at the company.

It is understood that up to 18 counter staff from the Blanchardstown and O'Connell Street branches were called in at lunchtime yesterday and told to go home.

However, the company said last night that all staff would receive the benefit of a 30-day consultation period during which they could ask for voluntary redundancy – but it has not ruled out compulsory redundancies.

A spokesman for the company confirmed that workers had been sent home in Dublin but said these workers would still be included in the consultation process.

"We have told them to go home but that they remain in the consultation process.

"We have told them that, depending on the outcome of the process, there may be roles for them to apply for down the line.

"In no circumstances was anyone told yesterday that they were being let go.

"Contrary to what is being claimed, the CEO has stated that the redundancies will be "voluntary led" not that all redundancies will be voluntary, as has been claimed."

Liberty arrived in Ireland just over a year ago after buying 51pc of the Quinns business for €101m.

The company has said the redundancies are necessary to save the remaining 1,100 jobs. The company already experienced 900 job losses two years ago following the problems experienced by the then Quinn Group.

Irish Independent