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Libertas founder Ganley calls on EU to 'do right' by Ireland

BUSINESSMAN and Libertas founder Declan Ganley insisted the European authorities now have to "do right" by Ireland writes Fiach Kelly.

The Government, he said, now had a mandate to seek a better deal on banking debt.

Mr Ganley had campaigned for a No, claiming it would force the Government to seek a write-down on banking debts.

He congratulated the Yes side on their victory, but said voters had approved the treaty through "gritted teeth" because of the "funding threat".

"The Government has been given another mandate to get a deal for us," Mr Ganley said.

"Ireland's bank debt burden, that burden of failed, private bank debt ... was transferred to the Irish taxpayer like we were some bunch of patsies.

"We need to see bankruptcy do the cleansing it is good at across the European Union in the financial system. That is the only thing that will provide the bedrock of recovery."

He said voters had shown their "trust and faith" in our EU partners to do the "right thing" by Ireland. "I hope that trust will be repaid in ensuring that this (banking debt) issue is dealt with it."

Irish Independent Supplement