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Less is Moore as family shed the pounds

A FAMILY that has united to fight the flab has lost the equivalent in weight of a 14-year-old boy.

The Moore family are delighted with their combined weight loss of almost eight stone (50kg) and say they are already feeling the benefits of shedding the extra pounds.

"I have so much more energy and when I could go shopping to buy a pair of bootleg jeans in a regular shop like Next, it was great. I felt like a 'normal' person," said Amanda (26), who is a primary school teacher and has lost nearly two stone.

Her mum Deirdre (50) has lost just under three stone.

"I realised that the way food is cooked is so important. I still get to enjoy my burger and chips but we make it ourselves. The chips are home-made from fresh potatoes and the burgers are made with lean mince. I don't feel like I am missing out," said the mother of four.

Deirdre has lost the weight while also looking after the family specialised hanging-basket business, Nature's Decor in Lusk, north Dublin.

She also looks after her husband Peter (55), who is waiting for a kidney transplant and who undergoes dialysis at home.

Deirdre and Amanda were the first in the family to lose weight when they joined Slimming World in Lusk in June.

"It is a lifestyle change that I really think is sustainable and when I reach my target weight I believe I will keep at that weight," said Deirdre.

Their group consultant in Lusk is Aoife Murphy, who said they work hard to ensure their members don't feel guilty if they slip up.

By August, Gina (24) and Cathal (22) had also joined in.

"I was a bit nervous going because I am a man but I can reassure any men that want to lose weight it's a great thing to do," said Cathal, who works as a farmer.

And Gina finds the diet suits her lifestyle too because she can "still enjoy big celebrations and still lose weight".

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