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Friday 15 November 2019

Leo wants a date . . . and some tax relief

To all the single ladies out there, the hottest property from Sgt Enda's Lonely Hearts Club Band is free and available. He's 31, from Castleknock, and is seeking a like-minded partner for cutting debate and some, ahem, thrusting political discourse.

"I am single and live alone," confessed Leo Varadkar during a debate on the civil partnership bill. "Being single, I pay a lot of tax," he declared. Leo had worked out he'd pay €7,000 less in tax per year, if he married someone earning less than €25,000.

"It seems to be somewhat unfair that as a single person I am essentially paying more tax to subsidise other married people who may earn more than me," he protested.


Let's get him on to Blind Date ASAP . . . to relieve him of his tax burden.

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