Thursday 22 February 2018

Leaving Cert students’ verdict on Maths: Difficult at higher level but ok for ordinary

STUDENTS at Templeogue College found the higher level maths paper to be quite different from anything they had seen before.

Caolan Beehan (18), from Tallaght, said of higher level: "It was a weird paper in that it was quite like an English paper, there were written sentences as answers as opposed to maths answers. I don't really know how I did but I think it went ok."

Kevin O'Sullivan (18), also from Tallaght, said: "It was difficult enough. Overall I was happy enough with the paper itself, but the wording of the questions was quite difficult, but I found the paper to be quite fair."

Ciaran Deegan (18) said: "It was much better than paper one for me, I found the trigonometry and the statistics questions to be particularly good. There was a question about a robot arm on the paper which I found to be tricky enough."

Meanwhile the Ordinary level paper was also found to be challenging but fair. Aaron Kelly (18) from Perrystown said "the paper was ok but it was quite different to the papers I had seen before. There weren't too many tricky questions on it and you were able to avoid them. The Simpson's rule question was difficult and wasn't like the rest I'd seen. The survey and bar chart questions were definitely the easiest."

Karl Mulhall (18) said "It was all right, I found it pretty easy and hope I got an A. There wasn't too many difficult questions and he bar chart question was the easiest."

Aaron Wilson (18) from Firhouse also found the ordinary level paper to be quite fair. "The paper was all right I found it pretty easy, it all went grand. The question on the circle was probably the most difficult. I thought it was a much easier paper than paper one.”

Leaving Cert students return this afternoon to sit the first of the Irish papers.

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