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Saturday 24 March 2018

'Leave Stephen in peace' - Family speaks after vile notes left at road death memorial

Stephen Hyland (24) died after his motorbike collided with another while turning a corner in Blanchardstown last October

The memorial spot and (right) road victim Stephen Hyland
The memorial spot and (right) road victim Stephen Hyland
Stephen Hyland
Conor Feehan

Conor Feehan

The family of a young Dublin man who was killed in a motorbike accident have spoken out and reacted with shock and anger after vile notes were left at the spot where he died.

Stephen Hyland (24) died after his motorbike collided with another while turning a corner at Huntstown Avenue, Blanchardstown, last October.

Still grieving his death less than a year later, family members were sickened when they found the handwritten notes on betting slips that cursed him for the introduction of traffic-calming measures on the road.

"Thanks for the ramps. F**k you. I'm glad you are dead," read one note.

"Hope you died in agony you c**t. Thanks for the speed ramps," read another.

A third note said: "F**k you. Glad you dead. You left us ramps you c**t."

Stephen Hyland
Stephen Hyland

Mr Hyland's brother, Brian (28), said the notes, left at a memorial at the spot where he was killed, were repulsive.

"There had long been a campaign to have ramps put on that road because others were killed there too. It wasn't just Stephen," he told the Herald.

"But around two months after Stephen was killed the ramps were installed, so this person is blaming Stephen's death when in fact the ramps had already been decided on before he died.

"The whole area pulled together and petitioned for the ramps.

The roadside memorial at the scene of the crash
The roadside memorial at the scene of the crash

"We're disgusted at these notes and we have all taken it hard."

Taking to Facebook, he wrote: "To think some people would write these sort of horr-ible things about my brother because he lost his life on a dangerous road.

"All those ramps are to ensure no one has to go through the heartbreak and sadness both my family and Stephen's friends have gone through and still go through every single day.

"They are there to save lives. To attack the dead who have no way of defending themselves is one of the most disgusting things any person can do.

"All because you want to floor it down that road and show off and act the a******e - you will never understand why these changes are in place.

"And to leave them at that tree where we go to mourn our brother knowing we would find them shows what pathetic pieces of s**t you are.

"Now please leave my brother in peace. He at least deserves that much."

Stephen Hyland, from Clonee, Co Meath, had moved into a new home in Blanchardstown and settled into a new job only months before he died.

Despite desperate attempts by friends, who had been riding with him, to resuscitate him, he was pronounced dead at Connolly Hospital shortly after the incident on October 22 last year.

"Stephen was just the best, he would do anything for anybody," said his brother.

Stephen was godfather to Brian's daughter, Lily, who he "adored".

"He was my baby brother, we were closest in age in the family," he said.


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