Tuesday 20 March 2018

Leading author honours Glenroe veteran 'Miley'

Don Lavery

WELL, Holy God! Who would have thought Miley had a secret life as a sniper in the Wicklow hills?

Veteran actor Mick Lally, aka Miley of Glenroe, pops up in the credits of the latest novel by one of America's biggest thriller writers, Stephen Hunter.

Hunter, a Pulitzer Prize winning film critic with The Washington Post, is best known for his series of six novels featuring Bob Lee Swagger, a Vietnam War era legendary sniper now in his 60s who can't seem to keep out of trouble.

One of his novels, Point of Impact, was made into a successful Hollywood film, Shooter starring Mark Wahlberg.

His latest novel, I Sniper, a techno thriller that has much to do with the art of military sniping, features a group of Irish mercenaries as the baddies, led by Anto, a Dubliner who served with Britain's 22 SAS Regiment.

Which is where 'Miley' comes in.

Hunter, who credits a long list of America's foremost gun buffs in the credits for helping him with the novel, also pays tribute to Mick Lally.

"Kathy Lally, now of the Washington Post and the editor who invented me at the Baltimore Sun, introduced me to her cousin, the Irish actor Mick Lally, for a long discussion of the Irish accent in Dublin," recalled Hunter, adding: "I think some drinking was done!"

As a result the villain Anto, who at one stage is overcome by "black Irish grief", comes out with such gems as: "Jaysus, he hated this evil bastard Swagger, like the devil hisself."

And Miley finds himself in good company.

President Bill Clinton was famously pictured during the inquiries into the Monica Lewinsky affair holding a copy of one of Hunter's thrillers, Time to Hunt.

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