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Tuesday 20 February 2018

Leaders beware the hordes in hunt for 'Red October'

Lise Hand

Lise Hand

It must've seemed like such a no-brainer to Enda when he first thought of it. What better way to endear oneself to a cranky electorate than to offer them a golden opportunity to consign 60 politicians to the dole queues in a single stroke of a peann luaidhe?

But instead, Enda has given himself a summer headache, with some of the government TDs and a fair smattering of senators showing signs of rebellion.

Although his wing-man Eamon Gilmore is steadfast on the matter of abolishing the Seanad, several of the Tanaiste's crew have said they will vote No in October's referendum.

That's the trouble with a coalition of such a majority – the hordes of bored backbenchers have plenty of time to decide which government diktats they fancy taking umbrage over.

And now, Enda and Eamon have to watch out for the AA club – those coalition members who are taking a dim view of either Abortion or Abolition. With both issues on the menu, it'll be akin to minding mice at a crossroads.

And Eamon better watch out for a Labour rebellion – the last thing the Taoiseach needs is a Red October...

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