Tuesday 21 November 2017

Lawyer dismisses claim Shannon Graham (17) took part in mother’s murder

Shannon Graham and her supporters leave the High Criminal Court
Shannon Graham and her supporters leave the High Criminal Court
Shannon Graham (centre) and supporters leave court in Izmir, Turkey, yesterday
Shannon Graham in Turkey with Recep Cetin who is accused of murdering her mother and her friend
The victims: Marion Graham (left) and her friend Kathy Dinsmore

Michael Carroll

THE teenage daughter of an Irish woman stabbed to death in Turkey was yesterday accused in court of aiding in a double murder.

Lawyers for Shannon Graham (17) immediately dismissed the claims made by a family member of Ms Graham's ex-boyfriend, Recep Cetin, who is accused of the killings.

Mr Cetin (22) and his father Eyup Cetin (43) are charged with the murders of Newry women Marion Graham (54) and her friend Kathy Dinsmore (53) in Turkey last August.

Recep Cetin, who has confessed to the killings, did not appear in court yesterday due to an administrative mix-up at the prison where he is being held.

However, some evidence was heard in the case, including a claim by Recep's brother, Necmettin, that Shannon helped in the double murder of her mother and her mother's close friend, Ms Dinsmore.

He also told judges at the High Criminal Court in Izmir that Marion Graham had debts with people locally and that they were linked to the murder.

However, the lawyer representing the Graham and Dinsmore families, Baris Kaska, later rejected the claims.

He said: "We do not take these accusations by Necmettin Cetin seriously and I don't think the court did either.

"Shannon is aware that he accused her of taking part but she does not take this as a serious accusation."

While Recep was not in court, his father denied the charge of murder yesterday.

The case has been adjourned until September 14 for examination of records of the defendants' phone exchanges between July 18 and August 16 last year.

Shannon Graham was joined in court for yesterday's hearing by her brother David (33), Kathy Dinsmore's brother George and her nephew Robert.

She told the court that she never witnessed any violence between her Turkish ex-boyfriend and her mother.


She also denied that Recep Cetin had proposed to her or that they had planned to live together in Ireland. Recep wanted her to live in Turkey with him but she had resisted the offer.

Shannon told the judges that she first met the father, Eyup, when he came to the Graham family's holiday home in Kusadasi along with Recep.

Although he visited several times, she said they did not speak to each other often because he did not speak English.

Ms Graham said Eyup had known the other victim, Ms Dinsmore, for more than a year and that there was no romantic relationship between him and her mother. She alleged that Recep and Eyup killed both her mother and Ms Dinsmore

George Dinsmore said he did not believe that Recep was the only person involved in the murder and insisted that any release of Eyup would be a potential threat to the public due to the brutal nature of the murders that had been committed.

Eyup was questioned about inconsistencies in his statement to police. He explained that he was illiterate and claimed that the inconsistency between DNA evidence showing his son's age to be 22 -- rather than 17, as he had previously stated -- was due to a delay in registering his son's birth.

Eyup admitted knowing Marion Graham, despite stating previously to police that he had known neither of the women.

But he said that he only found out about the murders from the police when he was being questioned by them. He denied having discussed the murders with his son when he visited him in custody.

Recep has confessed to the murders but there has been speculation in the Turkish media that he will deny his father's involvement.

The victims were stabbed to death and their bodies were found in woodlands near Izmir, 60 miles north of their holiday apartment in the Kusadasi district, on August 19 last year.

It is alleged by prosecutors that Recep, boyfriend of the then 15-year-old Shannon, killed the two women after they had confronted him about the relationship with the teenager.

Recep claimed that he killed the two middle-aged women after they had refused to allow him to marry Shannon.

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