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Law change will oblige drivers to give court clerks copy of licence

PENALTY points were introduced in the Road Traffic Act 2002.

Points remain on the licence for three years, and drivers who accumulate 12 points at any time within a three-year period are disqualified for at least six months.

There are 42 offences that attract points, with just 10 involving a mandatory court appearance.

Motorists are legally required to produce their licence in court, but many fail to do so. This means the court is unable to take a record of the licence number and pass the information to the Road Safety Authority, which holds the National Vehicle Driver File, where the points are recorded.

The changes in the law mean that drivers will have to give their licence and a copy of it to the court clerk who will record their details.

This will close the loophole and result in the drivers getting the points.

Irish Independent