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Friday 16 November 2018

Late Late Show appearance infuriated developer

A CONTROVERSIAL appearance on the Late Late Show by former EU Commissioner Padraig Flynn prompted developer Tom Gilmartin to co-operate with the investigation into planning corruption, the Mahon Tribunal was told yesterday.

Mr Gilmartin said he decided to change his mind about co-operating following Mr Flynn's remarks about the developer's family, particularly his wife, in 1999.

"My wife was ill, she had MS and was quite ill at that time," Mr Gilmartin said, adding that he felt Mr Flynn had "slighted" his family by his remarks made to Late Late Show host Gay Byrne in January 1999.

The Tribunal has already heard Mr Gilmartin claim that, prior to appearing on RTE, Mr Flynn attempted to get him to lie to the tribunal about an alleged IR£50,000 payment in which the developer said he paid to Mr Flynn but which was intended for the Fianna Fail party.

Mr Flynn has disputed this version and has said that the cheque was a no-strings-attached personal political donation.

Asked yesterday why he had decided to co-operate with the Tribunal, Mr Gilmartin said: "Mr Flynn on the Late Late Show."

The Luton-based developer said he had stopped co-operating with the tribunal the previous December following discussions with his family who he said were of the view that "it would change nothing" and that he was making "a spectacle of himself".

At one stage during yesterday's sitting, Mr Gilmartin told the tribunal that he was concerned that he had been portrayed by some people as "some sort of looney" who was out to destroy Dublin.


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