Tuesday 23 October 2018

Last word for Loftus

John Drennan

John Drennan

THE viciously competitive drive-time evening radio market has been shaken up by the departure of the secret architect of Today FM's biggest ratings triumph.

Senior producer of The Last Word Barbara Loftus played a critical role in the show's success. She was also key to Matt Cooper's transformation from Nerdus tribunalis into a clever all-rounder who is as familiar with the contents of Heat magazine as that of the Public Sector Times.

She was also proud of how Today FM competed with RTE on election coverage. Speaking to Fifth Column, said said: "They had a cast of hundreds and a million-euro comp- uterised database. We had a TV and two laptops and we still took them out."

However, Loftus admitted: "Had I stayed, I would just have been on autopilot. I need a new career, maybe even a stint as a weathergirl in TV3."

Fifth Column is sure that if Ms Loftus does decide to take such a road, TV3 will finally have a weathergirl almost as lovely as Nuala Carey.

John Drennan

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