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Thursday 12 December 2019

Landlords required to intervene in boycotts

Landlords will be obliged to intervene if tenants refuse to pay
Landlords will be obliged to intervene if tenants refuse to pay

Niall O'Connor

Landlords will be obliged to take a direct involvement in cases where their tenants refuse to pay their water bills.

The proposals will place a requirement on landlords to withhold the deposit of tenants who fail to register with Irish Water when they go to vacate a property. The deposit is then to be handed over to Irish Water.

The Government also revealed that on the changeover of a tenancy, the registration of a new tenant with Irish Water would be conditional on all arrears being discharged.

The Irish Property Owners' Association (IPOA) described the plans as "shocking" and "totally unacceptable".

The news comes as the the range of penalties that will apply to those who do not pay their bills.

While there are no plans to touch social welfare payments, wages, or pensions, a range of different penalties for non-payment will apply to all customers, depending on their residential status.

Homeowners who fall into this category will see their unpaid bills charged against their properties in the form of a statutory attachment order.

And a range of harsh penalties will be introduced which will accrue every 12-month period that a bill remains unpaid.

Householders who do not register with Irish Water by February 2 will lose out on the €100 conservation payment.

Late payment penalties will be added every 12 months - €30 for a single person and €60 for a household of two adults or more. These penalties will accumulate over time as long as a bill is unpaid.

The overall penalty will double after two years, treble after three years and increase fourfold after four years.

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