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Thursday 17 October 2019

Landlord's huge clean-up bill as tenants trash property

Floor to ceiling rubbish: One of the rooms ruined by tenants
Floor to ceiling rubbish: One of the rooms ruined by tenants

Ralph Riegel

A landlord faces a massive repair bill after tenants packed months of rubbish inside a property.

The landlord was horrified by the scene after complaints of a pest infestation from neighbours.

Rotting debris reached from floor to ceiling in most rooms, and her house was also soiled by waste from cats and dogs who had been kept inside for weeks at a time.

The stench inside the property was vile with the tenants having kept the windows closed for more than a year.

The tenants, who had been in the property for several years, voluntarily left the house within days of being told the landlord wanted to inspect.

Neighbour Elaine - who does not want her family or the property to be identified - said the photographs taken inside were "truly horrific".


"Almost every room in the house was destroyed," she told the 'Neil Prendeville Show' on RedFM.

"I wouldn't have believed it unless I had seen the photographs myself."

The kitchen had rubbish bags piled up to the ceiling while dishes, saucepans and pots were left unwashed and stained with rotting food.

Pet waste was strewn on some floors.

Drink cans and fast food wrappings were scattered across almost every room.

Almost all the furniture in the house was damaged or wrecked while the bedding was so soiled it had to be destroyed.

The tenants had even left several of their pets behind when they left.

Elaine said the alarm was only raised because of her concerns over how rats and mice were getting into her adjoining property.

"We had caught over a dozen what we thought were mice in our house," she said.

"We were told by the pest control people that there was no point treating our house unless the house next door was treated because that was where they were coming from."

She said her family was horrified when they were told the captured mice, as they thought, were in fact baby rats.

"My children were refusing to sleep in their bedrooms because they were so upset," she said.

Repairs and refurbishment of the property could cost the owner tens of thousands of euro.

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