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Wednesday 29 January 2020

Landlord forks out €19,000 household charge for 190 properties reporters

A LANDLORD has forked out €19,000 on the household charge for 190 properties.

Several household charge registrations received every day are for 50 homes or more – reflecting the appetite for house buying during the Celtic Tiger.

Local Government Management Agency chief executive Paul McSweeney told RTE’s Today with Pat Kenny that “a single digit number of forms” are from people with 50 homes are more.

“Obviously there are people out there with a significant amount of properties and are liable for the household charge and because they did not want to incur fines and penalties they paid the charge on time,” he said.

A total of 886,000 households had registered to pay the controversial €100 flat charge by close of business yesterday.

He added that he expects the number of registrations to grow in the coming weeks, despite the March 31 deadline having passed.

Mr Sweeney added that the handling of the charge by local government staff had been “excellent.”

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