Saturday 14 December 2019

Labour TD bitten by dog while out canvassing

Joe Costello says dogs 'have a thing for postmen and politicians'

Joe Costello. Photo: Frank McGrath
Joe Costello. Photo: Frank McGrath

Junior Minister Joe Costello had a surprise waiting for him while out canvassing two weeks ago.

Mr Costello was campaigning for his wife Emer in Dublin, when a dog the size of a St Bernard attacked him.

The Dublin Labour TD was left with teeth marks on his upper arm when the dog punctured his skin.

“I was handing in leaflets across the fence to a gentleman in another garden. There was a dog in the garden and he just jumped up and he just bit me on the upper arm."

He added: “The owner didn’t expect it either. I just leaned over the fence to hand over the leaflet and the dog was in there and I guess he thought I was going to attack or assault the owner.”

"He just punctured the skin but no serious damage was done."

The Labour TD laughed off the incident, saying dogs have a penchant for politicians.

“Dogs have a thing for politicians and postmen.”

"My only worry was that dog bites are supposed to be dangerous so I got it checked out and they said it was 'OK' as long as I had a tetanus injection within ten years before this, which I had, because I do a lot of travelling."

"It was quite a big dog. It was a big woolly dog - the size of a St Bernard."

Barking dogs are more common now than they used to be, the politician added.

"There are probably more dogs around now than there used to be.”

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