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Wednesday 24 January 2018

Knife held to cab driver’s head in carjacking terror

Feargal Mac Eoin
Feargal Mac Eoin
Taxi driver Feargal MacEoin suffered “ huge mental and physical scarring” as a result of a “ gratuitous” attack in 2012
Luke Byrne

Luke Byrne

A Dublin taxi driver had a knife held to his ribs and forehead during a terrifying early morning carjacking.

Feargal MacEoin, from Castleknock, was subjected to the horrific ordeal at around 2.20am – just before he was due to finish up working.

It was the second time in just over two years that Mr MacEoin has been subjected to a callous attack by thugs, while trying to earn a living.

In the latest incident he was hailed down near The Bell pub in Blanchardstown, west Dublin, by two men.


Mr MacEoin said he knew by the look of the men that they might be trouble.

“I shouldn't have stopped,” Mr MacEoin told the Herald.

“These two guys got into the car and they asked me to take them to Donabate, but I said it was too far because I was just about to finish up.

“They still got into the car and said to go a short distance, they refused to get out.”

After driving a short distance to Laurel Lodge Road, one of the men exited the car, opened the driver's door and took the keys out of the ignition.

“One got around, opened the door and grabbed the key. The other guy held a knife to my ribs and over my head,” he explained.

Mr MacEoin managed to get out of the car and immediately called 999.

Gardai stopped the stolen taxi on the Howth Road at around 3.20am and two men, one aged 28 and the other 24, were arrested. A knife was also recovered.

Both were detained at Blanchardstown garda station under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act 1984.

Mr MacEoin yesterday recovered the car after officers finished their examinations of the vehicle.

But it had been badly damaged, the roof sign was lost and there was damage to items on the inside of the car, such as the meter and the taxi company's radio.

“I'll be out for a week I suppose,” he said, adding that the cost to repair the meter alone could cost €150.

When asked if he had anything to say about his carjackers, Mr MacEoin said: “I hope they meet a sticky end”.

Luckily Mr MacEoin was not injured in the incident, save for a few minor scratches.

But he was badly hurt in April 2012, when he suffered a gratuitous attack by James Murphy (20) and Dean Daly (19) over a €26 fare.

Mr MacEoin picked up the men outside a nightclub off O'Connell Bridge and took them to Alderwood Drive, Tallaght.

When they arrived at their destination, one man said they needed to go and get the fare from his mother and the taxi driver asked them to leave a mobile phone for security.


The pair became aggressive and abusive and Mr MacEoin rang gardai to say he was in trouble.

When the driver tried to restrain one of the men, Daly grabbed him and started punching him.

The men knocked the driver to the ground and began kicking him around the head. They then took his phone and wallet.

In January this year both Murphy, from of Alderwood Rise, Springfield, Tallaght and Daly, of Maplewood Park, Tallaght, escaped jail with suspended sentences.

Despite the attacks Mr McEoin said he would continue to drive his taxi, as he needs make a living and wouldn’t be put off by these incidents.

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