Saturday 23 November 2019

Knife frenzy in home was 'personal'


Gardai now believe the attacker who stabbed ESB legal officer Violet Quigley in her north Dublin home 10 days ago had a personal motivation, and that it was not a random attack.

Ms Quigley, 44, is recovering from the savage attack in which she was stabbed at least six times in the body, arms and head by a man at her home in Donaghmede.

It is not known if the attack, as she was lying in bed at around midnight on Thursday, April 7, was connected to a break-in at the house the previous day in which a laptop and jewellery were stolen.

After the break-in, in which the lock on the back door of the house was forced, Ms Quigley's parents asked her to stay at their house in nearby Beaumont but she declined.

She was alone in her home at Donaghmede Park when she was attacked. She alerted neighbours by crawling to the window of the front bedroom and screaming for help.

One of the neighbours who went to her assistance described the scene in the bedroom as resembling an abattoir. Neighbours were able to keep Ms Quigley conscious and to staunch the blood loss until an ambulance arrived.

Ms Quigley was given 25 pints of blood at Beaumont Hospital. She stabilised the following day and is understood to have made good progress and has since come off the life support machine.

Ms Quigley is an outdoor enthusiast and part of a hill-walking club based in north Dublin. Friends describe her as very fit, which undoubtedly helped her to survive the vicious attack.

At first gardai were concerned that she was the victim of a murderous burglar. However, it is understood that none of the known burglars in north Dublin, who are mainly drug addicts, fit the profile of someone who would carry out such an horrific attack.

It is believed the attacker brought a knife and another blunt weapon to the house, intent on killing Ms Quigley.

The garda press office said it had no description of the attacker. The neighbours who assisted Ms Quigley said that she could tell them nothing of her attacker other than that he was wearing a mask.

The only description of the two men who broke into her house the previous day was that they were both wearing dark tracksuits.

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