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Kiss of life saves Nutty the puppy from doggy disaster

A DOG breeder saved his eight-week-old puppy by administering the kiss of life after it almost drowned in a garden pond.

Quick-thinking John Greene applied basic human first-aid skills to avert a near doggy-disaster and gave motionless Jack Russell Nutty heart massage and mouth-to-mouth in a frantic 10-minute resuscitation bid.

The 42-year-old was alerted to the exhausted animal sinking to the bottom of the pond when chickens he keeps in his backyard kicked up a commotion.

"I'd gone upstairs in my house, looked out through the window and saw there was a disturbance," he said.


"I could see the puppy sinking slowly to the bottom of the pond. The poor fella was exhausted, he must have been in the water for 15 to 20 minutes.

"I'd say with all the plunging and doing his damnedest to get out and with all the commotion the chickens knew there was something wrong.

"He was sinking, motionless, not breathing and almost blue."

The dog lover ran outside his home in Greystones, Co Wicklow, pulled the freezing pup from the water and began heart massage and mouth-to-snout after feeling a faint heartbeat.

Mr Greene thinks the puppy was mimicking his mother Holly drinking from the pond when he slipped in.

A week later, Nutty is fighting fit and enjoying the back garden as much as ever -- although with mental scars taking longer to heal, he keeps his distance from the pond.

"We're keeping him; he's not going anywhere now," Mr Greene said.

Irish Independent