Monday 18 June 2018

Kinahan crime cartel drawn into another feud - this time in Scotland

Christy Kinahan Sr and his son's Daniel and Christy Jr
Christy Kinahan Sr and his son's Daniel and Christy Jr

Eamon Dillon

THE sheer scale and power of the Kinahan cartel means that it is a major player in the UK – Europe’s most lucrative cocaine market.

But in Scotland the roots run deeper, thanks to a member of a Glasgow crime clan who fled to the Costa del Crime in 2006, after he had narrowly escaped death in a gun attack.

Steve Lyons is a leading gangster in a faction that has been locked in a 20-year feud with the Daniels clan, and which has seen vicious gun and machete attacks.

He made a close connection with the Kinahans, who supply cocaine to the Scottish gangsters, and as a result the powerful Irish outfit is seen as an

ally in the war against the Daniels.

Kinahan senior is also believed to have been closely connected to William Paterson, one of the killers of the Daniels’ hitman, Kevin ‘The Gerbil’ Carroll.

One of Scotland’s most wanted men, Derek ‘Deco’ Ferguson, is also reported to be on the Kinahan payroll in Spain.

Just like the Kinahan-Hutc feud, the gangland war in Glasgow has seen spectacular violence.

Last May, Steven ‘Bonzo’ Daniel was left disfigured after suffering horrific facial injuries when three men attacked him with machetes.

The assault began when his car was hemmed in by other vehicles as he exited a motorway.

When police arrived at the scene his injuries were so bad that they thought he had been shot in the face.

The feuds in Glasgow and Dublin both have their roots in botched drug consignments.

The Lyons and Daniels feud is thought to have started after the Lyons gang stole a drugs cache which was destined for their rivals in 2001.

Likewise, the murder of Gary Hutch in 2015 over a seized drugs cargo sparked the gang war that has claimed at least 13 lives.

Scotland is not the only place in the UK the Kinahans have an interest in.

Three of their most high-profile hitmen are believed to hiding out in the Birmingham area of England in what is seen as a cartel stronghold.


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