Wednesday 16 October 2019

'Killing Andrew was a mortal sin,' says grandmother

THE heartbroken grandmother of tragic shooting victim Andrew Hanlon said it was a "mortal sin" to kill her grandson.

Selena Hannon of Firhouse, Dublin, said she believes the police involved in Andrew's death were trying to "get out of it. Even if AJ was shouting and screaming why fire seven shots at him?" she asked. "One shot in the leg would have taken him down."

Mrs Hannon said she always believed Andrew was not armed and that had been found to be true.

"Why shoot an unarmed man dead?" she asked.

She also questioned how her grandson would have been able to keep coming at the policeman involved, officer Tony Gonzalez, after being shot so many times.

She said her overriding feeling, having seen details of the report on the shooting, was that excessive force had been used.

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